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Jan 28

How To Raise Sheep – 5 Things You Need To Consider When Planning For Sheep Housing

Though it’s easy to overlook the importance of having the proper sheep housing for your herd, this is actually one of the more crucial factors that you’ll need to deal with when taking proper care of sheep. Sure simple shelters may seem adequate enough for those living in areas with mild temperature, but if you’re …

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Jan 27

How to Raise Sheep – 2 Critical Factors You You Need to Know Before You Start Raising Sheep

There are many possible reasons why you want to know how to raise sheep. You could be thinking of raising sheep for profit, for the environment (such as helping improve an agricultural landscape), or for fun (such as a hobby to make yourself busy with when you’re retired). Once you have determined your reasons for …

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Jan 25

Sheep Handling Equipment

While working hands-on is the only way to achieve the optimum results. But that doesn’t mean that he or she does it with his or her own bare hands. That’s why sheep owners must purchase their very own sheep handling equipments to manage the flock effectively. A halter is among the most basic of sheep …

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Jan 24

Raising Sheep For Profit – Tips on Housing, Feeding, and Handling

In order to know how to raise sheep the right way, it is important to first find out your reasons for wanting to raise sheep in the first place. There are many possible reasons. Sheep are raised to improve agricultural landscapes; livestock grazing is known to control vegetation and preserve open lands. Some people raise …

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Jan 23

How To Start A Sheep Raising Business – 7 Easy Tips To Get You Started Correctly

Sheep Raising is relatively easy compared to other types of livestock. Sheep do not require a special diet and are hardy animals that are relatively easy to breed. Sheep are multi-purpose animals that are raised for a variety of reasons such as for their meat, milk or wool, or all of the above. Here are …

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Jan 22

Rearing Sheep – Certain Kinds of Pasture That Sheep Like

There are specific kinds of pasture with the intention that sheep like, such as sod type grasses that are reasonably fine stemmed and eminent quality. They do not support coarse grasses such as bluestems or love grass. Well fertilized and managed bermuda grass can be utilized very efficiently with sheep. Such pastures are excel­lent simply …

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Jan 19

Don’t Go Raising Sheep For Wool Without Reading This!

There are many possible reasons why people choose to raise sheep. Some do it as a means of livelihood or for profitable opportunities. Others do it to have companionship. And some do it simply to experience what it is like to raise animals. If you’re thinking of raising sheep for wool, it’s best to think …

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Jan 16

Characteristics of Sheep – Managing Sheep Effectively Will Be Easy If You Understand Their Behaviour

In order to understand sheep farming and the dynamics that come with it, it is important first that we know some of the characteristics of sheep. Sheep are primarily kept as farm animals mainly for their wool, meat, and to some extent their by products like cheese and milk. Sheep are gregarious animals, they are …

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Jan 15

Raising Sheep As Pets – Things to Think About Before You Start to Rear Sheep

People don’t usually associate the word “sheep” with the word “pet.” That is because sheep are rarely made into pets. In recent years, however, more and more people are welcoming the idea of sheep as members of their household. Today, raising sheep as pets is no longer that weird. However, this exercise is still pretty …

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Jan 11

Sheep for Sale – 5 Tips For Marketing and Selling Sheep

If you are sheep producer then part of your operations includes putting your sheep for sale. Where and how do you put your sheep for sale? • Public auctions. Putting your sheep for sale in public auction is convenient and easy. There are regular weekly sales and special dates when graded sales are held prior …

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