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Jan 11

Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Consider Raising Sheep For Milk

These days, you can choose to raise sheep for a variety of reasons. Believe it or not, sheep are becoming quite a popular choice for pets. They are turned into trusty companions of rural families and the elderly who want to enjoy their retirement in a farm. They are also favored for economic opportunities. Rearing …

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Jan 03

Raising Sheep for Meat – 4 Important Tips

Sheep breeding have different purposes. Some farmers breed sheep for their wool, others for their milk, while others breed sheep for their meat. If you are raising sheep for meat, you would need breeds that are fast growing and have good carcasses. Medium and large breeds are the best sheep breeds for slaughter. Dorper and …

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Jan 02

Consider Fencing Sheep – Efficiency of Electric Sheep Fences

Sheep, like goats and cows are livestock that are grazers and are best kept in their natural environment. As herbivores, the sheep’s sources of sustenance are grass and shrubs. As a matter of fact, a productive sheep and lamb industry are hugely dependent on the type of open space where the sheep are raised, that …

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Oct 19

Six Reasons to Start Seeds Indoors

Whether you’ve grown a vegetable garden for years, or are just starting out, there are many good reasons to start your seeds indoors (instead of buying plants). It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are eight great reasons to try it this year: It Saves You Money This is always a great motivator, …

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Aug 13

Goat Farming: Getting Back to Basics

Whether you’re interested in goat farming to raise pets, or start a meat or dairy operation, it can be both enjoyable and profitable. To ensure your goat farm is a success, consider the following ideas about suitable geography, breeds, essential tools and caring for goats. Geography Spaces for feeding, shelter and milking are critical factors …

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