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Oct 19

The Truth About Home Canning

If you’ve thought about doing some of your own canning this year but find it a bit intimidating, don’t despair! Learn the difference between truth and myth when it comes to home canning before you throw your arms up and walk away. Myth One: Canning is too expensive. Truth: Canning actually save you money! Most …

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Oct 12

How to Make Great Baked Goods With Your Pumpkins

So you grew pumpkins this year. Or maybe you just bought some to decorate the house or yard. Don’t throw them out; use them for baking. With pumpkin puree, you can make great baked goods from bread to pies to muffins. Sure you can buy canned pumpkin from the store but fresh is better, healthier, …

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Sep 29

10 Canning Mistakes You Can Prevent

Canning is not complicated, nor is it scary, even when pressure canners sometimes make strange whistling sounds. The process is quite simple. Anyone can be successful as long as standard procedures are followed and canning mistakes are prevented. Follow USDA recommendations and guidelines, and listen to the advice of master canning experts. Their knowledge is …

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Sep 24

How to Make Quick and Easy Homemade Cheese

Did you know that it is possible to make your own homemade cheese in just a few minutes using only three ingredients? It is a quick and easy process that turns out delicious cheese every time. This method makes a simple cheese called paneer or farmer’s cheese. It is a little different from normal store …

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Sep 22

The Best Way to Keep a Chicken Coop Clean

A clean chicken coop is essential for the health of your flock. Dirty coops not only encourage disease and pests, they also stink and become a potential health hazard to humans (as well as making your neighbors unhappy). Keeping a clean coop doesn’t have to take a lot of work. Here are some of the …

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Sep 19

Home Canning Basics

It’s much easier than you think to can your own food. With the growing desire for food that both tastes good and is good for you, now is the time to get started canning at home. So let’s look at what canning is and why it’s a wonderful alternative to buying processed food at the …

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Sep 05

The Realities of Raising Chickens

A lot of my friends have been interested in raising their own chickens in their suburban areas so I thought I would write a post on the realities of this age-old venture. Many of you know that my dad is a farmer and has many hobbies including raising chickens. I thought it would be great …

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Aug 30

What To Do With All That Zucchini!

If you’ve ever planted zucchini in your garden, you are familiar with my dilemma! Seedlings usually come in 4 or 6 packs, and of course you put them all in the ground. Well come about August, you have zucchini coming out your ears! With the abundance of monster zucchini that came from my garden this …

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Aug 19

Home Canning Equipment

The public outcry over the food practices in our country is spurring a renewed interest in home canning…and for good reason! Canning your food at home insures nothing toxic goes into the food you and your family consumes. And it also tastes better! That’s a win/win in my books. Don’t let the thought of canning …

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Aug 05

How to Start Beekeeping For Free

Beekeeping has suddenly become popular again, having been in decline for more than half a century. Honeybees have been in the news for all the wrong reasons: collapsing colonies, pesticide poisoning and parasitic mites – and all this bad news seems to have triggered an almost primitive desire in people to want to help and …

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