Tag: Chickens in Cold Weather

Oct 05

Chickens in Cold Weather: 8 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Backyard Flock Healthy and Warm

Keeping a small flock of chickens in your backyard means they will need some extra attention to make it through the winter safe, healthy, happy and warm. Where many large-scale farmers don’t go to the extra work to pamper their chicks, small flock farmers need to remember that a handful of chickens produce much less …

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Oct 04

How to Keep Your Chicken Waterer From Freezing

Chickens, as a rule, are pretty winter hardy animals. They can withstand some pretty cold temperatures (they’re covered with feathers, after all) if they have a sheltered, draft-free place to live. One of the biggest concerns for your backyard flock is keeping their water fresh and unfrozen in the cold winter months. To keep your …

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