Tag: Lavender

Jul 10

Tea Tree Oil Soap Recipe

All the major brands selling natural and wellness products, have introduce the products containing tea tree oil. The customer preference for natural products have made it an important ingredient in cosmetic and medicinal products requiring antiseptic, anti fungal and anti inflammatory products. So what exactly is tea tree oil? It is obtained from steam distillation …

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Jul 30

How to Make Your Own Laundry Soap

I love to make my own laundry soap! Not only is it economical, but I feel good using a product that won’t harm my family or the environment and it smells heavenly! I buy all of the ingredients, accept the essential oils right at my local grocery store. I live in a very small town, …

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Feb 15

How to Make Your Own Scented Vinegar Laundry Rinse

Making my own scented vinegar laundry rinse has been one of best discoveries I’ve made in a long time! I was having problems with my towels not smelling fresh. They would come out of the dryer smelling clean, but as soon as they got wet when you used them, they would smell yucky again. I …

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